Investing in the future: a call for strategies to empower and expand representation of women in neurosurgery worldwide

As progress is gradually being made toward increased representation and retention of women in neurosurgery, the neurosurgical community should elevate effective efforts that may be driving positive change. Here, the authors describe explicit efforts by the neurosurgery community to empower and expand representation of women in neurosurgery, among which they identified four themes: 1) formal mentorship channels; 2) scholarships and awards; 3) training and exposure opportunities; and 4) infrastructural approaches. Ultimately, a data-driven approach is needed to improve representation and empowerment of women in neurosurgery and to best direct the neurosurgical community’s efforts across the globe.

ABBREVIATIONS AANS = American Association of Neurological Surgeons; CNS = Congress of Neurological Surgeons; COSECSA = College of Surgeons of East, Central and Southern Africa; FIENS = Foundation for International Education in Neurological Surgery; LMIC = low- and middle-income country; WINS = Women in Neurosurgery; WiSA = Women in Surgery Africa.