Research to improve surgical oncological care on the surgical department, Maputo Central Hospital



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Research to improve surgical oncological care on the surgical department, Maputo Central Hospital

JournalRun Universidade Nova
Article typeThesis
Publication date – Jul – 2021
Authors – MORAIS, Atílio Luís Monteiro de
KeywordsMozambique, national curriculum, prevalent cancers, surgical oncology
Open access – Yes
SpecialityHealth policy, Surgical oncology
World region Southern Africa
Country: Mozambique
Language – English
Submitted to the One Surgery Index on July 30, 2021 at 2:48 am

Purpose: Regarding adequate care for oncological patients, requiring surgical interventions at the Surgical Department of Maputo Central Hospital (MCH), the largest hospital in Mozambique, the aim of those studies, was first to assess the surgical resources, surgical oncology team skills, identify and characterize prevalent cancers treated and general knowledge in oncology and surgical oncology, expecting the development of a comprehensive curriculum in surgical oncology fellowship fit for the Hospital and all Mozambique country. Methods: The study 1, done in 2017, was based on surgeons questionnaire (The Cancer Units Assessment Checklist for low- or middle-income African countries (annex I), visiting the unities (oncology service, ICU, operations room, etc.) collecting information according to the Portuguese-speaking African Countries Assessment of Surgical Oncology Capacity Survey (PSAC-Surgery – annex II). The study 2, done in 2018, by retrospective analysis of individual cancer patient registries of MCH, the prevalent cancers has been identified and characterized (annex IV). And the general knowledge in oncology and surgical oncology, this issue was evaluated by simple test administered anonymously and without prior notice to all surgeons and residents at the Surgical Department (annex V). The domains was about basis of Oncology, Radiotherapy, Pathology, Chemotherapy, Pain management, Surgical oncology and Clinical pathway. The study 3, done in 2019, a three-round modified-Delphi approach was implemented to obtain consensus on surgical oncology training curriculum. The participants were purposefully selected 23 experts in surgical oncology working in Mozambique. In round one, participants answered a questionnaire regarding the content of the curriculum and the timing and venue of training. Draft of the curriculum was produced. In round 2, answers from the first round and the curriculum draft were presented to a purposeful selected sample of nationally recognized experts in oncology and surgical oncology, including members of the Mozambican College of Surgeons and leadership of the Ministry of Health. A final round was carried out to discuss the final version of the training program in surgical oncology with extensive participation of majority of african experts in surgical oncology (Aortic, Maputo). Results: Breast, esophagus and colorectal cancers were the most commonly treated neoplasms in MCH (at Surgical department). A range of technical and resource needs as well as the gaps in knowledge and skills were identified. All surgeons recognized the need to create a training program in oncology at the undergraduate level, specific training for residents and continuing oncological education for general surgeons, to improve the practice of surgical oncology. Basic principles of oncology and basic principles of surgical oncology should be included in the curriculum of surgical residency in Mozambique, a 24-months fellowship in surgical oncology should take place after residency in the surgical field and should occur at Maputo Central Hospital and at comprehensive cancer centers. The final proposal for the program was divided into the following structure: a – theoretical components; b – duration; c – location; d – methodology; e – technical skills in oncology; and f – competency and paid particular attention to the oncological diseases prevalent in Mozambique.

OSI Number – 21181

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