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1: Determinants of survival in children with cancer in Johannesburg, South Africa; SA Journal of Oncology; Nov 2021 – SA Journal of Oncology
2: Epidemiology of surgery in a protracted humanitarian setting: a 20-year retrospective study of Nyarugusu Refugee Camp, Kigoma, Western Tanzania; BMC Surgery; Nov 2021 – BMC Surgery
3: The Impact of COVID-19 on Hospital Admissions for Twelve High-Burden Diseases and Five Common Procedures in the Philippines: A National Health Insurance Database Study 2019-2020; The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific; Nov 2021 – The Lancet Regional Health – Western Pacific
4: Low-cost peer-taught virtual research workshops for medical students in Pakistan: a creative, scalable, and sustainable solution for student research; BMC Medical Education; Nov 2021 – BMC Medical Education
5: Effect of Door-to-Door Screening and Awareness Generation Activities in the Catchment Areas of Vision Centers on Service Use: Protocol for a Randomized Experimental Study; JMIR Research Protocol; Nov 2021 – JMIR Research Protocol
6: Health facility delivery among women of reproductive age in Nigeria: Does age at first birth matter?; Plos one; Nov 2021 – Plos one
7: WSES/GAIS/SIS-E/WSIS/AAST global clinical pathways for patients with intra-abdominal infections; World Journal of Emergency Surgery; Nov 2021 – World Journal of Emergency Surgery
8: Breast Cancer Patients’ Experience about Involvement in Health Care: A Qualitative Study; Journal of high institute of public health; Nov 2021 – Journal of high institute of public health
9: Hydatid brain cyst: A delayed diagnosis in a rural setting during COVID-19; South African Medical Journal; Nov 2021 – South African Medical Journal
10: Aetiology and outcomes of operatively managed acute abdomen in adults, at Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital; Moi University Digital Repository; Nov 2021 – Moi University Digital Repository
11: The Progress of Global Antimicrobial Resistance Governance and Its Implication to China: A Review; Antibiotics; Nov 2021 – Antibiotics
12: OneHealth Approaches Contribute Towards Antimicrobial Resistance: Malaysian Perspective; Frontiers in Microbiology; Nov 2021 – Frontiers in Microbiology
13: Burden of Road Traffic Injuries in Tanzania: One-Year Prospective Study of Consecutive Patients in 13 Multilevel Health Facilities; Emergency Medicine International; Nov 2021 – Emergency Medicine International
14: Decarbonising healthcare in low and middle income countries: potential pathways to net zero emissions; BMJ; Nov 2021 – BMJ
15: Midwives’ knowledge and practices regarding the screening for and management of chorioamnionitis: A qualitative study; Health SA Gesondheid; Nov 2021 – Health SA Gesondheid
16: The accountability of the private sector towards citizens in times of crisis: vaccines, medicines and equipment; European Journal of Public Health; Nov 2021 – European Journal of Public Health
17: Distribution of the workforce involved in cancer care: a systematic review of the literature; ESMO Open; Nov 2021 – ESMO Open
18: Financial risk of road traffic trauma care in public and private hospitals in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a cross-sectional observational study; Injury; Nov 2021 – Injury
19: Integrative oncology: Addressing the global challenges of cancer prevention and treatment; CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians; Nov 2021 – CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians
20: Screening Programs for Common Maternal Mental Health Disorders Among Perinatal Women: Report of the Systematic Review of Evidence; Research Square; Nov 2021 – Research Square