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The One Surgery Index – Audiogram series!

One.Surgery has now created our global surgery audiogram series! This is a collection of audiograms, created by the authors of global surgery research, explaining their work in audio format, and created by One.Surgery to help disseminate the work.

It is 100% free to create audiograms and to also access with no hidden costs. Any author, from any part of the world, is welcome to contribute and create an audiogram by following our simple guidelines below! We value all research voices equally – we are one collective project united across the world.  Simply complete the form below, follow the guidelines, we will do the rest!

This audiogram series is free to download and share, in the hope of enlightening and inspiring global surgical research collaboration.

Audiogram series

Introduction to the series

Global surgery audiogram submission guidelines

1. Audiograms will only be created for articles already indexed in the One.Surgery Research Index (if you feel an article should be indexed, you can submit article details here for review)
2. The audiogram audio must be the voice of one of the named authors on the research. The audio can be recorded in any language.
3. The corresponding author’s email will be used to verify the authenticity of the submission.
4.The audio can be a maximum of 3 minutes of length. Any submissions greater than this will be rejected.
5. We recommend the author discusses the relevance of the research in simple conversational terms: The purpose of the research, and the impact of the findings. However, an abstract reading may also work.
6. Please ensure the audio recording is as clear as possible. Submissions with poor quality audio may be asked to resubmit.
7. One.Surgery has the right to reject submissions if they do not meet community guidelines or contain inappropriate / offensive language.
8. The final audiogram will be released with under a CC0 non-commercial licence and will be free to share / distribute to the global surgery community as an open access file.
9. Further questions can be submitted to: admin (at) one (dot) surgery

Create your audiogram here

Create audiogram
Please ensure the title is the same as your published work.
Please find your article within the index. If it is not in the index, we will not be able to process your audiogram.
This e-mail address must match the contact details of the corresponding author's email address on the publication. We will verify all submissions with the corresponding author before creation of the audiogram.
This must be a named author on the article (this does not have to be the corresponding author).

Maximum file size: 20MB

Please upload the audio in mp3, wav or m4a format. The audio should be under 3 minutes total in length

Maximum file size: 4MB

This must be in jpg/jpeg format.